How Do I Share Photos Online?

4913536359_f8c299922b.jpgBefore you begin sharing photos online, you need to decide whether you want to share photos publicly or privately with a limited group of people - such as your family or close friends.

There are a number of ways to save photos online publicly, though social networks like Facebook or Instagram, or through dedicated photography sites such as 500px, Flickr or Picasa. However if your photographs are of a more personal nature, you may prefer to save photos privately online for just yourself, or privately share photos with a small group. 23snaps is the perfect way to create a private photo journal or share photos online with just family and friends.

23snaps offers free, private photo sharing for parents and allows moms and dads to save photos, videos, measurements and updates to a beautiful online baby book or family album. Photos on 23snaps are not public and can only be viewed by the people who you have directly invited to view them. 

How to set up your free account to privately share photos on 23snaps

Visit the 23snaps homepage and complete the brief signup form - all you need is an email address! Alternately, you can download the free iPhone and iPad, Android or Windows 8 app to get started.

How to add photos online to 23snaps

You can upload photos online to your 23snaps account if you have them on your computer, on your phone, or saved in one of the other following online accounts: Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa or Instagram.

For complete step by step instructions, check out our in-depth guide on how to upload photos to 23snaps.

How to privately share photos online with 23snaps

You can privately share photos through 23snaps by inviting family and friends to connect with you on 23snaps. You need to have their email address in order to invite them to view your private online photos. Click here to invite family to privately share photos with you.

Once you have connected to others on 23snaps, they will be able to see your private 23snaps photos online. They just need to log into 23snaps with their own account to see your photos, videos and updates.


It's easy to privately share photos online using 23snaps. Get started today using one of the options below!


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