Browser recommendations

The 23snaps website is designed to function on all web browsers:

In order to get the best possible user experience, we would recommend that you always try to run the latest version of your choice of browser. To discover which version you currently have installed, please click here.

Whilst all of these browsers are suitable for use with 23snaps, certain browsers do produce limitations. For example, Internet Explorer 8 produces some unusual errors - we are unable to support content uploading in this browser as the uploader we use is incompatible with IE8. We are also aware of some video playback issues with this browser. If you use Internet Explorer, please make sure you are running version 10 or later to prevent these issues from occurring.

Extensive testing has proved that Google Chrome provides the optimum user experience for 23snaps. Chrome is free to install and use - it can be downloaded here.

If you do encounter an unexpected issue on the 23snaps website, please try upgrading your browser or switching to Chrome - as these actions frequently resolve the issues experienced by 23snaps users. If the problem persists please fill in the contact form here or send us an email at

Please remember to include details of the browser you are using to enable our support team to assist you more quickly. 

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