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What are Email Digests?

Change the frequency of your Email Digests






What are Email Digests?

The beautifully presented email digests display all of the posts that your friend/family member has uploaded. They will come directly to the email address that you have registered with 23snaps. If you wish to receive the digests without settings up a full account with 23snaps, all you have to do is click Accept  when you are sent an invitation to connect, this will allow you to subscribe to the email digests without ever setting up an account.

 The default setting is to receive them daily, but you can decide whether you wish to receive the digests as the content is posted, daily or weekly; instructions on how to change the frequency of the digest can be found below. 






Change the frequency of your Email Digests

Please note, these settings are controlled solely by the recipient of the email digests. It is not possible to reconfigure the settings of your connections' digests.

On the website

There are 2 ways to set how regularly you receive email updates from each of your connections. The first is from the Friends page. Simply click on the Notifications button for the family whose updates you wish to alter, and under the Email Update Frequency section; open the drop down menu and select your preference. Remember to click Save Changes to store your new preferences.



The second way to change your digest frequency is to click on "Your Name" in the Menu bar at the top of the screen and select Settings from the dropdown menu. Then you will need to select the Notifications tab. Underneath the Incoming Updates header, you will have the option to decide on how often you will receive email updates from each of the families you are connected to. Simply click on the dropdown menu to the right of the family you are altering the settings of, and chose your preferred frequency. Your changes will be saved automatically.


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