Filtering Content in the Newsfeed

When you connect to another family on 23snaps, any content the share with you will automatically be added to your Newsfeed. The Newsfeed is an ever-updating feed of the new content shared by your entire network. However, if you would prefer to exclude some of your connections' content from your feed - without deleting them from your network - you can!

At this time it is only possible to change your filtering settings from the 23snaps website, however once you have chosed to hide someone from your Newsfeed - your preferences will also be reflected in the app.

To filter a connection's content from your Newsfeed, log into your account on and open the Friends page. Then find the family you wish to filter, and click on the Notifications button on their profile card. Under the News Feed and Notifications heading, open the dropdown menu and set your preference to No. Once you click Save Changes all of this connection's content, past and future, will be removed from your Newsfeed. You can still visit their family page to see their content if you wish!


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